Elopement Package

starting at $350… includes bouquet, boutonniere, and 2 optional additions (such as crown, corsage, pet accessory, additional boutonniere) always accompanied by a vase of extra bits for your cake or anything else!

Personalized DIY

starting at $700… includes bridal bouquet, 2 additional bouquets, up to 5 boutonnieres, and 3-4 buckets of flowers, textures, and greenery processed and ready for your design! This supports local farms!

Full Design

starting at $1500… personal flowers for you and your wedding party, arbor floristry installation, tailored tablescapes, plus all the detailed extras. Completely custom, inquire to get started dreaming!


  • eclectic mix of neutral pottery
  • multitude of brass vessels
  • copper goblets
  • vintage glassware sets in green, teal, amber
  • brown bottles and growlers
  • woven baskets and terracotta pots
  • mix and match anything you like!

*Arbor rental starting at $200 ~ Several options!

**Most bouquets are made with preservation in mind, so you can cherish it even longer!